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Acrylic Product Manufacturer

Acrylic Hotel Supplies

Acrylic hotel supplies, including signage, menu holders, and room accessories, offer a modern, upscale aesthetic while ensuring durability and functionality. The transparency of acrylic allows for clear viewing of contents or information, improving guest experience. Its shatter-resistant properties ensure longevity despite frequent handling. These items are lightweight and easy to clean, essential for the high-turnover environment of hotels. Furthermore, acrylic supplies can be customized to match the specific design and branding of the hotel, providing a seamless and sophisticated guest experience.

Acrylic Product Manufacturer

Why Choose Acrylic Hotel Supplies?


Modern Aesthetic: Acrylic hotel supplies offer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, enhancing the upscale feel of the hotel and improving the overall guest experience.”


Durability: Made from shatter-resistant acrylic, these supplies can withstand frequent handling and usage, ensuring longevity and reduced replacement costs.”


Clarity: The transparency of acrylic allows for clear viewing of signage, menu content, or room amenities, facilitating easy communication and guest satisfaction.”


Customizability: Acrylic hotel supplies can be tailored to match the specific design or branding of the hotel, providing a seamless and sophisticated aesthetic across the property.”

Acrylic products offer several advantages for the hotel industry.

The durable and transparent material of acrylic offers long-lasting protection and visibility, perfect for high-traffic areas such as hotel lobbies and restaurants. Acrylic sign holders and brochure holders allow for clear communication and promotion of hotel amenities, while acrylic display stands and risers can showcase food and beverage items or other merchandise in an elegant and professional manner. Additionally, the modern and sleek look of acrylic adds an extra level of sophistication to any decor.

Choose acrylic products to enhance your hotel’s presentation and create a memorable guest experience.

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Check out our other acrylic display stand cases

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Custom acrylic display production process

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Provide acrylic cosmetic display stand. Our display stands are made of the highest quality acrylic material known for their sturdy construction and flawless finish

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Established in 1996, Shenzhen HileDisplay Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise professionally dedicated to designing and manufacturing acrylic products. With over 100 excellent employees, we focus on effectively researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing acrylic products. Our end-to-end product designing, engineering, tooling, and production services are the best in town.

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“Whatever the size and shape of your product, we have a solution for the right acrylic display stand”

We deliver high-quality products to America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and several other markets worldwide, and our clients attest to our quality. HileDisplay remains committed to customer satisfaction and prioritizes quality, price, and delivery. Visit our factory today, or contact us to learn more about HileDisplay.


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We are acrylic products manufacturer for more than 30 years and have our own independent factory, welcome to visit.

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Acrylic processing technology

laser cutting

Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method. Laser cutting acrylic can cut acrylic into various shapes at will, such as cutting words, cutting patterns and so on.

CNC Routering

We have state-of-the-art CNC equipment to meet your requirements, First-class CNC routing services that meet various tolerances.

Hole treatment

Acrylic can also be directly punched. Compared with glass, acrylic has very good mechanical processing characteristics. Using a laser cutting machine to drill holes has very high assembly accuracy. You only need to make pictures on the computer to pass through the computer. Perforated acrylic.


Acrylic itself has high transparency. After polishing acrylic, it has crystal-like high transparency. After polishing, acrylic is very smooth and highly appreciative. It can be used as a variety of handicrafts.

Hot bend

Acrylic material will melt at 70°-100°, and this heat can be used to modify the shape of acrylic, including irregular shapes. The angle of hot bending can be controlled by setting the mold according to needs.


According to the needs of customers, we can do different printing on acrylic. Printing includes screen printing, bronzing, UV printing, stickers, etc.


Bonding is a very labor-intensive process. When bonding, you must pay special attention to the position and the accuracy of the process, otherwise there will be a lot of defective products that will affect sales.


Assembly is the process of combining various processed acrylics to complete a product. This is also the last step of a complete set of handicrafts, and the inspection of whether the previous craftsmanship is qualified will also appear in this last step.

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