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Acrylic Jewellery Display

Acrylic jewellery displays are an elegant and effective way to showcase items. Their transparency ensures high visibility and the ability to highlight intricate designs, attracting customer attention. The sturdiness of acrylic provides a secure setting for delicate pieces, reducing the risk of damage. It’s lightweight yet durable, making it resistant to wear and easy to transport. Acrylic displays are also customizable, allowing for creative and versatile presentations to suit different jewellery styles and branding. Easy to clean, they can be maintained with minimal effort, preserving their pristine appearance. Cost-effective and attractive, these displays offer great value for retailers.


Make your store more decorative and refined


The acrylic stand is easy to install and disassemble

Acrylic Product Manufacturer

We can make custom acrylic products

“Clear Glitter – Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand: Perfect for displaying elegance for a lasting impression and timeless beauty.”

Acrylic is transparent and more durable

While acrylic is as transparent as glass in displays, it outlasts glass in everyday use. Not easy to break. However, it can scratch when it comes in contact with abrasive surfaces.

The display stand is lightweight and easy to move

A big advantage of choosing acrylic displays over glass displays is their light weight. When you want to rearrange items, this property allows you to easily move items around, breathing new life into your store.

Increase promotion efforts to attract more attention

In order to highlight the comprehensive strength of the product brand, it can be made into transparent, white and other colors to set off the charm of the exhibits, attract customers' attention, and have a more brand sense.

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Shenzhen HileDisplay Co., Ltd is a large-scale professional custom acrylic display fabricator with over 30 years of experience. Here is a company led by management with the aim to leverage the rapid growth of the acrylic market and offer top-notch products and quality services.

The combination of a knowledgeable team of experts and special patented technologies ensures that we deliver excellent products. These high-quality products come at short lead times and competitive prices. We specialize in manufacturing every type of acrylic product covering the different kinds of POP, plexiglass cases, POS acrylic displays, acrylic brochure holders, cosmetic display stands, picture frames, kiosks, shelves, shoe racks, and many more. We also offer many other custom plastic and plexiglass products to fit your unique specifications.


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